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Formerly open-cast mining –
Today local recreation

The flooding of the open-cast mining areas around the central German cultural metropolis of Leipzig created almost 70km² of new waters and opportunities by 2015. A total of 10 lakes were created, 7 of which are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Lake Cospuden

Lake Cospuden, which covers more than 400 hectares, is 8 minutes away by bike. The maritime lifestyle and exquisite transport links have made it a magnet for visitors to the Leipziger Neuseenland.

A 10 km long asphalted circular path invites you to go cycling, inline skating and walking. A 1.4 km long city beach provides relaxing bathing fun.

Surprisingly diverse natural refuges can be found around the “southern tip”. In the area of the “Neue Harth”, a new hiking area with marked trails and information boards has developed, which opens up a wide variety of landscapes in a small area.


Lake Zwenkau

With its emerging recreational facilities on the north shore of the lake, the large water area and the many green spaces around the lake, Lake Zwenkau will be a highlight for recreation seekers, water sports enthusiasts and visitors.


Lake Störmthal

To the south of Lake Markkleeberg is its big brother, Lake Störmthal. The Mining Technology Park is a visible attraction even from a distance. You can visit the floating culture island VINETA > by ferry.


Lake Hain

The jewel in the Neuse landscape. Idyllic paths and many well-signposted cycling and hiking trails around the lake. Optionally with alpacas.
Yes, alpacas.


Lake Markkleeberg

Lake Markkleeberg is 252 hectares in size and has several beach sections as well as a 9.7-kilometre-long, asphalted lakeside circular trail.

Directly on the lake or in the immediate vicinity are, for example, the Markkleeberg Canoe Park, an ALL-on-SEA water sports base, the Markkleeberg Lake Climbing Park, the Seepark Auenhain holiday resort, the model construction park, a campsite, various cafés and restaurants and the passenger boat service with three different tours on offer.


Even more lakes

You can get an overview of the other lakes in the area on the official site of the city of Leipzig:


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